Visit us in booth 3375, New Orleans, LA
October 10 - 14, 2017

What you will see in our booth:

The 2016 SGIA Product of the Year awarded fineLine directScreen! digital image setter model 340L, the only Computer-to-Screen system with dual output resolution of 2540 and 5080 dpi and 128 powerful direct laser diodes. Several production screen samples with Diazo based emulsions are on display for inspection and can be viewed at up to 280x magnification.

World premier of the new member of the fineLine range of pre- and post-press equipment, the fineLine screenDevelop! system, an automatic screen developing machine with the exclusive ePowerWash allowing for adjustable water pressure from 15 - 500 PSI. Each application cycle within the numerous processing menus can be programmed with different water pressures.

Another world premier is the introduction of the fineLine screenRotoWash! system. This automatic, stainless steel screen washing machine has a hermetically enclosed processing chamber and targets technical and industrial screen printing applications with solvent based inks, pastes, coatings. The machine meets all European and North American explosion-proof codes, regulations and guidelines. The incorporated screen drying unit dries wet screens with a strong flow of extraction air enabling fast screen throughput. A solvent distilling system is optional and recycles costly wash solvents automatically.


Visit us in booth 1504, Orland, Florida
April 25-27, 2017

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The inaugural InPrint USA exhibition provides a networking platform for leaders of the industrial and technical printing industries to discuss production solutions with competent suppliers of state-of-the-art printing technologies. dlpic will demonstrate their new fineLine directLaser! image setter that revolutionizes screen printing. Sample screens depicting stencils imaged at 5080 dpi resolution will show 30 µm lines, 1 pt letters and line counts of >130 lpi.


Visit us in booth 32, Cleveland, Ohio
September 18-20, 2016

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Information will be provided for our brand new range of flatbed and vertical fineLine directLaser! image setters. Available resolution from 600 – 10,160 dpi.

Information will also be provided for the entire range of Zentner screen developing, washing, reclaiming and degreasing equipment as well as screen coaters and stretchers.


Visit us in booth 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada
September 14-16, 2016

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What we'll be demo'ing:

fineLine directLaser! image setter, model 340L
5080 dpi resolution and 128 laser diodes.
Max screen frame O.D. 59” x 57”

Zentner giga size coater, model Premium 400
10 ft x 20 ft (3 x 6 Meter) max. frame size
Intermittent drying and other options